Donations are accepted in the front of our store or by arranging a pickup.
Pickups are free and offered only in Port Orchard. Receipts are available
on request.
Donations must be checked for odors, rips, and or stains. Donations must
be in working condition and complete (Not in pieces).

Some items that we do not accept:
  •  Items that are dirty, stained, ripped, or damaged.
  •  Any item with Fabric – No stains or rips on furniture, or    
  mattresses (Have to meet certain health requirements)
  •  TV’s need to be checked. (no console tvs)
  •  Old tower computers 5 years or older and monitors
  •  Exercise Machines that are older than 5 years old.
  •  Entertainment centers are not in demand and unfortunately do    
  not sell. Entertainment centers in perfect condition only.
  •  Hide-a-beds couches
  •  Car and booster seats that do not meet the new requirements.
  •  Cribs
  •  Hospital Beds – unless checked out prior. Must be in good
  working condition.
  •  Old worn out tires – bike tires, car tires. Tread must be in even and
  in good condition.
  •  Bean Bags Cushions
  •  Pianos or Organs
  •   Freezer and refrigerator must be cold when donated
  •  Food that is expired

These items we unfortunately cannot sell. Due to our extremely high
dumping cost we are unable to accept.  Sorry for an inconvenience and if
you have any more questions please call 360-876-6933
We are a non profit in Port Orchard approved by the Kitsap County courts that can help you complete your community service.
We have flexible work schedule for individuals that have normal work schedules. Our hours for community services are
Monday -Friday with approved Saturday work days. We require an interview process which takes about 15 minutes. Call
360-876-6933 to make an appointment.
Community Service
We offer assistance to Port Orchard residents in power,water,natural gas, and have other resources available. Food rack is
put out when we receive food. Unfortunately we do not know when food will be donated.  Assistance is only available by
appointment. Please see contact us page on how to make an appointment.
     Community Jobs- offered through KCR (Kitsap Community Resources) is a job training program that helps individuals back
into the working environment. St Vincent de Paul works with KCR giving the experience they need to help them find new  jobs.
St Vincent de Paul offers training in customer service, sorting, cashiering, price and more.